Your Future: What You Must Know About Divorce

This $39.99 AUDIO contains over an hour of insights that I compiled to help all of you who are in the throes of diverse divorce circumstances. The good news is that the audio will guide you through situations that now you don’t even know exist. I remember how my inaction and inappropriate reactions to eventsContinue Reading

Divorce Casualties: Children

As mothers, we all want to do what is best for our children. We plan their meals, go to doctors’ appointments, talk to teachers and watch their sports at every opportunity. We want them to grow into healthy, happy and successful adults. After all, that’s why we became mothers, right? And then sometimes, things goContinue Reading

Divorce and Wealthy Women

Some studies are showing that when a wealthy woman divorces, she fares better than a woman who is not as wealthy. Statistics vary according to who is recording the numbers and why. When there is more money and there are more assets, more money will be allocated to each spouse. However, I believe it stopsContinue Reading

Divorce Danger

From press releases on foreclosure and divorce to divorce parties to a Yankee’s star hiring new divorce attorneys to Social Security benefits not ending with divorce to Larry King to………….! Why is it that every day, there is a new headline BUT brides will not face or even spend a second or a dollar ofContinue Reading

A Mother’s Thoughts

Mother’s Day is about love and appreciation for the efforts and the mistakes of the past and the bonds that grow stronger with each passing day. ~To the four children to whom I gave birth ~To the two I love as much as if I had ~To the newest bright light in my life IContinue Reading