Your Future: What You Must Know About Divorce

Did you know that an attorney who charges $400.00 per hour might prove to be less expensive than the attorney who charges $200.00 per hour? When you discover why, you will understand the value of all of the information on this audio. 100% money back guarantee! Act now because divorce is complicated and I offer… Continue Reading

Emotional Abuse: What You Should Know

Emotional abuse tiptoes into relationships. Believe it or not, people can be involved in emotional abuse without knowing it. Are you one of those people? Are you in a toxic relationship with a spouse, a child, a parent, a co-worker or even a friend? Is it possible that you are experiencing emotional abuse? A perfect… Continue Reading

Mother – What Makes a Good One?

Whether you are a young mother, an older mother, an adoptive mother, a stay at home mother, a working mother, a single mother, a married mother or any kind of mother… this is for you. A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary. ~ Dorothy Canfield Fisher… Continue Reading

High Conflict People = Never Ending Divorce

The story is one I hear repeatedly. Why can’t our divorce just be over? The reality is that people must understand that the same issues that played a role during marriage play a role during divorce and play a role after divorce. Rarely do things change. Try this on for size. Think about the people… Continue Reading

Balance: Are You Balanced or Off Balance?

Life can be a balancing act because we are consistently bombarded with words and events that can knock us off track. How we handle each day’s challenges will dictate our futures. Why? The answer is that wasted days do not serve as a foundation for success.  Being busy does not mean the same thing as… Continue Reading

Emotional Strength – Rate Yours

What are your emotions doing for you? Are they helping you to create the life you want or are they creating pain in your life? There is emotional maturity and there is mental strength and there is emotional strength. In order to be successful and even more importantly in order to be happy, we need… Continue Reading

Divorce Casualties: Children

As mothers, we all want to do what is best for our children. We plan their meals, go to doctors’ appointments, talk to teachers and watch their sports at every opportunity. We want them to grow into healthy, happy and successful adults. After all, that’s why we became mothers, right? And then sometimes, things go… Continue Reading

Antisocial Personality Disorder – Divorce

The holidays bring out the good in most people and sadly the bad in others. This is a time of year when my coaching calls are filled with conversations about sad happenings in people’s lives. So many women blame themselves for the actions of others.  We must take responsibility for our own actions but certainly… Continue Reading

Divorce and Wealthy Women

Some studies are showing that when a wealthy woman divorces, she fares better than a woman who is not as wealthy. Statistics vary according to who is recording the numbers and why. When there is more money and there are more assets, more money will be allocated to each spouse. However, I believe it stops… Continue Reading

Divorce Danger

From press releases on foreclosure and divorce to divorce parties to a Yankee’s star hiring new divorce attorneys to Social Security benefits not ending with divorce to Larry King to………….! Why is it that every day, there is a new headline BUT brides will not face or even spend a second or a dollar of… Continue Reading

Fourth of July and Custody

Who has the kids? If you are newly divorced or if the time has just flown by since you were divorced, you may not be sure.  If you and your ex-husband are adult enough to communicate and be civil, the decision may be simple. If either of you tend to act on the juvenile side… Continue Reading

A Mother’s Thoughts

Mother’s Day is about love and appreciation for the efforts and the mistakes of the past and the bonds that grow stronger with each passing day. ~To the four children to whom I gave birth ~To the two I love as much as if I had ~To the newest bright light in my life I… Continue Reading