A Sign That Is Dangerous To Ignore

How long do you want to remain in Limbo? No woman wants to experience the end of a marriage. No woman wants to be alone. No woman wants her children experience the loss of an intact family.


What is important to understand is that when something, including marriage is over, you need to accept it. I don’t advocate ending a marriage except when abuse is involved.


My concern is that women so often continue to hold on to the past even when “the handwriting is on the wall.”

If your husband has left you, he might come back. If he has had an affair, he might be sorry and want to reconcile.

There are many reasons why with certain issues, you shouldn’t give up on your marriage.


There are situations indicating that it’s time to move on. Some of these situations might include:

  • Long separations
  • Your spouse is clear that he is finished with the marriage.
  • Your spouse has a live in girlfriend.
  • Your spouse continues to avoid contact and conversation with you.

If the little voice in your head says, “It’s over.” Pay attention. Ignoring the obvious won’t make the obvious go away.

If the sign says DEAD END, many people will drive down the road anyway, hoping the sign is wrong. 99.9999% of the time, the sign isn’t wrong. It is indeed a dead end.

You don’t want to waste precious time driving down a dead end road when there are roads that lead to real destinations.