Barbie is old!

barbie-728x672We all can remember when “old” people told us that they couldn’t believe how their lives had passed by so fast. We were amazed because we thought that they WERE old and wondered how they couldn’t realize that fact? We heard about groups like AARP, the American Association for Retired Persons but that had nothing to do with us because we were young.

Suddenly, for some reason we began to get issues of AARP magazines, senior living places and the like. My first thought was, “Oh, there must be some mistake. This must be meant for someone else.” Well folks, today about did me in. I saw an artist’s rendition of BARBIE in the current magazine. It was a picture of how she would look today.

Guess what? She was old!  A quick look in the mirror was the old icing on the old cake for me. Yikes! Where has the time gone? I don’t feel old. I don’t act old but I guess I am aging  just like everyone else on this planet that isn’t made of plastic!


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