Divorce Success Depends on Perspective

I have written about this subject before and am writing about it again today. The reason is that I deal with divorce every day and I see very clearly the fact that losing perspective can mean losing everything.

Think about it this way. If you get caught up in anger, vindictiveness, hurt, disillusionment and abandonment issues, they can become the paramount thought process. If the thought process focuses on any of those things, it cannot focus on reality. Reality requires a focus on what is true without emotion.

There are times in life when emotion must take over. One of those times is not during divorce! Do yourself a favor and that is to place your emotions on the back burner and your common sense on the front burner!

You have heard about gong from the frying pan into the fire? Keeping perspective will keep you out of the fire! Trust me when I say that I understand what it takes to survive divorce and thrive after and because of divorce!

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  • avatar image kathleen mungavin (wiederkehr) 29 Jan 2013 Reply

    keeping perspective does count though very hard keeping emotions in check, I’ve been through a very emotional time, because I’m very sensitive, can’t help it. some anger which is healthy, but not to a bad point. the hurt is unbearable at times, I did not have the other things mentioned. I kept my head about me. It wasn’t hard to do because I’m a very good person, and he would not be worth losing anything over.

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