Gloson Teh! Simply amazing!

glosonToday’s post will be short and sweet and happy and fun and thought provoking, I hope! I am blogging about an amazing young man with whom I connected via Twitter. He has published a book of happy poems for children. He just emailed me this YouTube video link  which shows his television performance and interview this morning. I believe now even more than before that he is beyond amazing and so is his family for being able to keep up with him! Below, please check out two of his clips from YouTube.

See and listen to what this young man has accomplished.

Think about what he will accomplish!

The sky is the limit for Gloson Teh!


Please share this with your kids so that they can see an 11 year old young man who isn’t afraid to be himself in front of the world! What a shining example of parents’ instilling self confidence in their children.