How To Get A Divorce

This is a question that is asked of me more often than you would believe. People seem to panic as they begin to consider the possibility of filing for divorce. It is a daunting prospect and there are so many things that should be considered.

As those of you who are regulars here know, there is a lot to know and there is a lot of preparation to do. I can’t emphasize enough that you must leave no stone unturned as you begin the process. Even if it is your plan to wait to file until after the holidays, you need to be preparing now.

At the very least, you should take these steps now.

  • Research the divorce laws in your state.
  • Research and interview several divorce attorneys.
  • Plan ahead and try to get a nest egg in case you are cut off financially.
  • If you are not currently working outside the home, update your resume and start looking for a job.

Here’s the thing. No matter how well off you are now, you can’t assume that your financial situation will remain the same. I just received an email from a woman who told me that she just applied for food stamps. This is real. This is frightening and you must keep your eyes and ears open in order to protect yourself, your children and your financial future.

I always try to keep some time available for new clients who are in need of my help. Right now, my schedule is full. I have had to turn women away because there are just not enough hours in the day. In an effort to do all I can to help as many women as I can, I am now accepting emails from women who are in need of my help and am placing them on a “wait list.”

I have never done this but at least that way, I will be able to give them some piece of mind that I am not just closing the doors. So, if you are in need of my help, please go here and give me a brief description of your situation and a phone number where I can call you privately. I give you my word that I will do all I can to open up my schedule for you.

In the meantime, my audio can really give you a head start in helping you to understand the divorce process and how to proceed in the best way for your situation. It is well worth the $39.99 because it can save you so much more as you begin and continue on with the divorce process.

Remember that I will do all possible to open up my calender. That’s a promise.

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