Hurricane Sandy and Divorce

Hurricane Sandy has played havoc on the lives, the homes and the finances of thousands of people. While the storm was only a category one compared to Katrina that was a category five, why was there so much devastation?

The answer is somewhat complicated but to put it simply, the miles of wind were far greater than Katrina. Add to that, the fact that it was high tide when the hurricane hit and to make matters worse, it was a full moon. (In case you are not aware, a full moon adds to the level of the tides.)

So why am I writing a post about Hurricane Sandy? The reason is that Sandy and all powerful hurricanes are very similar to what happens to families when divorce hits. Trust me when I say, I have been there!

Think about divorce and hurricanes this way:

  • Preparing makes weathering the storm better.
  • Sometimes people need to leave their homes in order to be safe.
  • Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.
  • The devastation can destroy finances.
  • Fear takes over.
  • Help is needed.

So to answer your question, I am writing about Hurricane Sandy to paint a picture of the devastation that is possible when divorce happens.

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