In Wine There Is Truth

There is a Latin phrase which is “In vino veritas.” It is translated into “In wine there is truth.”  On that note,  I realize that quite a lot of the first calls that my clients make to me are in the evening. I’m pretty sure that quite a few of these calls are precipitated by a glass or two of wine.

What matters is that these women made that first call. What helped them to make the call doesn’t really matter. Usually these first callers end up in tears. I often get a lump in my throat as I listen because I feel their pain. It is such a terrible feeling to be so alone and afraid.

If you are one of the women who made a call to me and then for whatever reason back peddled, don’t worry. I care only that you find yourself in a better position with your divorce, no matter how it is happening. That being said, I do worry when I return that call and don’t get an answer or a call back. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

The cost of attorneys ranges from about $200.00 to upwards of $800.00 per hour. My audio can help you learn a tremendous amount about the divorce process including ways to save money. So if you would be more comfortable, you can start with my audio because that will put you in a better place to make educated decisions for your own situation.

So, please share your progress whether or not you have been my client. After all, your story might help another woman or even better…many more women!

Let’s give each other strength as we deal with all of the issues of divorce. Don’t ever forget, we are women, hear us ROAR!

Photo: Duke Human Rights Center