Keys That Unlock New Beginnings

I just came across this email that was from… believe it or not… February of 2008. Gosh how time flies. It’s hard for me to remember a time when I wasn’t helping women deal with divorce. This is a message from and exceptional woman. She is an example for each and every one of us.

She suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her ex-husband and just look how she turned it around. She took the painful experience and used it to give back to others. She was able to escape. For those of you who think you will never escape, this is such an important message for you to read.

“Thanks Claudia for your encouraging words. God has truly blessed me in that leaving my stbx this time has been pretty easy. I have had a few moments here and there, but they have been brief. The first couple of court dates were hard but my stbx and his attorney didn’t show up. This turned out to be a good thing because I am now comfortable going to court and security is getting to know me.

I feel like I have been given a pardon and let out of prison. I’m so excited. I’m going to college….something I have wanted to do for about 30 years, I got a great job working in an elementary school. I had done this previously and have spent hours and hours volunteering in my daughters school. Plus I’m only 60 away from being vested in the pension plan.

In addition I’m starting a locks project where I will be providing free locks to people who have experienced abuse and need to change their locks once their abuser is out of the home. I’m working with my local domestic violence shelter to kick this project. Eventually I will apply for my own 501c3 and take the project national.

It has been a long hard walk to get to where I am today but it has been worth every step because I have come out feeling better than I have ever felt in my life.”

Photo: aturkus