Mother – What Makes a Good One?

motherWhether you are a young mother, an older mother, an adoptive mother, a stay at home mother, a working mother, a single mother, a married mother or any kind of mother… this is for you.

A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.

~ Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Mother – Some Mother “Musts”

  • Must be physically, emotionally and mentally equipped to be sleep deprived for years at a time.
  • Must not get angry when someone asks if you work.
  • Must acknowledge that your children are always with you even when they leave you.
  • Must understand that your babies will grow into adults.
  • Must understand that it’s not about giving birth. It’s about giving.
  • Must be willing to be unpopular.
  • Must listen to what your kids say and what they don’t say.
  • Must remember funny stories and keep them to yourself.
  • Must be a psychologist, taxi driver, cook, mediator, adolescent and teenage interpreter, referee, housekeeper, teacher, doctor, seamstress, driving teacher, and tutor.
  • Must know what “I didn’t take it but don’t look under my bed” means.
  • Must understand that morning sickness, sleepless nights and giving birth pale in comparison to puberty.
  • Must love specially made meals even barely cooked cold eggs.
  • Must keep your eyes on your own child even when someone else’s hits the home run.
  • Must listen without reacting to teachers who tell you that your child isn’t perfect.
  • Must be grateful for compliments like, “Your wrinkles make you pretty.”
  • Must not assume that your teen is being good.
  • motherMust be willing to forgive the unforgivable.
  • Must understand that the length of time to deliver might pertain to driving a car pool.
  • Must give up all personal needs for at least the first five years of a child’s life.
  • Must take every opportunity to teach even when it is easier not to.
  • Must continue to give when nobody notices.
  • Must have a passion for all homemade gifts even if you are allergic to them.
  • Must be willing to attend and actually enjoy sporting events beginning with T-Ball.
  • Must accept the fact that guilt will always be part of your life.
  • Must be willing to change judgment into compassion.
  • Must understand the value of white clothing.
  • Must be excited to sit through long assemblies and school plays even if your child plays a tree.
  • Must be able to watch each child through special moments while taking perfect pictures and videos.
  • Must be self sufficient and self-motivated.
  • Must not require positive reinforcement.
  • Must not reward bad behavior.
  • Must have the ability to be at least two places at one time.
  • Must have the ability to do at least three things at once.
  • Must understand that workdays are never ending.
  • Must be willing to take the blame for things that go wrong.
  • Must be able to act like you aren’t hungry so that your children can split your piece of cake.
  • Must be able to go out in public with spittle or worse on your shirt.
  • Must be willing to listen more than talk.
  • Must try to be understanding even when you don’t get it.
  • Must always hope even when down deep you don’t feel like hoping.
  • Must not laugh in spite of your dying inside with laughter.
  • Must be able to think, “This too shall pass” but not say it.
  • Must understand that bath time doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is cleaner.
  • Must not look down on other mothers when they make mistakes.
  • Must not utter words that you don’t want your children to say.
  • Must not be sleepy when it is time to read a bedtime story.
  • Must understand that it is the best and most difficult job you will ever have.
  • Must see the successes of your children as your own success.

First Photo: David J. Laporte

Second Photo: Riza Nugraha


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