Reality or Misremembering?

I heard someone use a word today that I never heard before. The word was “misremembered.”  I have heard misinformed, misspoke, misunderstood, mistaken etc. I just never heard the word “misremembered” and it is a fantastic word.

People interpret situations and events differently according to their individual perspectives, experiences and maturity.

People often have erroneous memories from their pasts. These inaccurate memories can be due to parental alienation, misunderstandings or just blocking out painful memories.

Whether or not a person remembers a situation accurately really isn’t what is important in recovering from the pain. The fact that they remember something incorrectly does not have anything to do with the pain they feel.

Their pain is real to them and having someone tell them that, “that never happened” or “it didn’t happen that way” doesn’t do any good because it does not take away the pain they are experiencing.

Before people can offer support to a person in this kind of pain, they need to accept the fact that whether or not the basis for the pain is real, the pain is real.

Only professional therapy can help a person heal but friends and family can support these people by understanding and empathizing with them

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