There Should Be A Divorce Law

I am talking about the words and actions of divorcing parents who inflict pain on their children unnecessarily.

I am talking about parents who do all that they can do to alienate their children from the “other” parent.

I am talking about the parents who – out and out – lie about the “other” parent.

I am talking about the parents who are clever in the ways that they create conflict between the children and the “other” parent.

There is no question that parenting during and after divorce is a difficult enterprise at best. All parents make mistakes but some parents intentionally magnify the pain their children experience.

If you are uncertain as to the ways that you may be damaging your children more than they have already been “divorce damaged,” read on.

Ways to guarantee that your children will suffer more than necessary when you divorce.

  • Use your children as pawns to retaliate or hurt the “other” parent.
  • Sabotage your children’s relationship with the “other” parent.
  • Use your children to spy on the “other” parent.
  • Transfer your pain or fear to your children.
  • Force your children to choose sides.
  • Turn family events into an “all about my divorce” event.

So what I mean by, There Should Be A Divorce Law is that there should be severe consequences for parents who do any or all of the above. Clearly, hurting the children is not enough of a consequence to deter the inappropriate behavior with some parents. If hurting the children mattered to these parents, they wouldn’t have done these things in the first place.

For the sake of your children, think about it.

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  • avatar image Linda 04 Apr 2012 Reply

    There should be a law…….another angle…..there should be a law that equalizes the impact of divorce on women, especially stay at home Moms, where the financial impact is horrendous……why doesn’t divorce….actually marriage to begin with…..ensure that women who give up the monetary rewards of having the career, pension, etc are equally affected……How about a surety or performance bond for this?

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