Your View Depends on How You See

How do you see your life? I mean really see your life? Do you see things in a positive way or do you see things negatively? Do you wait until things happen and then react in a way that is just survival mode or do you see beyond the here and now in order to grasp more of what might be?

Are you willing to take a chance and reach for the stars? Only you know what motivates you and only you can decide how to view your life’s events. There will always be positives and always negatives but the weight that you allow each to have will dictate your happiness.

I took this picture on the day of the snow storm here in the northeast a few weeks ago. I heard many people grumbling about the arrival of snow so early in the season. Sure, there were negative aspects of the storm and a lot of us lost power but how often can people look out of their windows and see this kind of natural splendor?

Clearly, the trees were not ready for the snow since they were still dressed in their dazzling fall color finery. It was that unexpected snow that created this magnificence.

Each and everyone of us  must appreciate and savor all of the moments in our lives because in the end,  those moments are what make up our lives.