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I listen with an open mind.

Solution Oriented

I work with you to get you on the right path.


What you say stays between you and me.


I don’t try and sell you goods and services you don’t need.


Divorce Coaching Audio Program

This audio contains over an hour of insights that I compiled to help all of you who are in the throes of diverse divorce circumstances. The good news is that the audio will guide you through situations that now you don’t even know exist.



I Am Here To Help!

I can assist you with:

  • Choosing the right lawyer
  • Situations to look out for and avoid
  • Saving money
  • Lessening stress



  • Samantha J.

    My favorite comment from Claudia so far was when I called her up sobbing and she said, “Go cry really hard for five minutes and then call me back”. It was exactly what needed to happen!”

  • Cynthia R.

    Claudia bridges the gap between your therapist and your attorney. She’s knowledgeable, caring, organized and energetic. She’s someone to bounce ideas off of, and she’ll give great feedback on whatever you toss her. She doesn’t hold back or say what you want to hear. She says what you need to hear. Instead she gives honest and important responses.

  • Christi

    I’m writing to tell you thank you for being there for me during a rough time and when I was feeling so alone in the world. I was embarrassed and alone and you made me feel that I had power in myself and no one else did so that alone was what I needed.. Again Thanks over and over again!

  • Emma G.

    I wanted to thank you. Our first call helped me so much. I didn’t think I could face another day before we talked. I was scared as you could tell by me crying. I know what steps I need to take now and that helps me a lot. Thank you again for what you did for me. I feel like I am going to get through this after all.

  • Anja

    I just can’t thank you enough for helping me through this difficult time. Without you, I would have never had the guts to fire my first attorney who was simply ripping me off. In the beginning he said all the right things to “bait” me but then, with your help, I figured out that he was overcharging me and only billed his time instead of ever billing me his assistant’s time. He charged me an outrages amount (5x more than other attorneys) for standard forms like discovery and interrogatories. You also helped me being less emotional about dealing with my divorce and put in prospective how my husband is still manipulating and controlling me. Claudia, you gave me an enormous boost in self-confidence and the money spend on you has been the best money spend on my divorce.

  • Melissa – TotallyHer

    Claudia is a woman who knows this devastation first hand and is reaching out to other women, particularly stay-at-home moms, who have been hit by divorce — women who are unsure about their options and are dealing with the fear that they and their children aren’t going to make it. No woman ever wants to find herself in the unexpected situation of her marriage being over and ending in divorce, but the sad truth is, some women will. Claudia’s life is a display of beauty and purpose rising from the ashes of the devastation of divorce.

  • Vicki Flaugher – Smartwoman Radio

    Claudia is a motivational speaker and author, offering solutions & positive ways to handle life’s problems, empowering women faced with tragedy, especially divorce. Learn how to find the positive in a negative situation and how to rise above the negative situations divorce can foster.

  • Leisa Watkins – Rich Woman Sisterhood

    Claudia was very genuine in her desire to help improve people’s lives. Not only was the information she provided to our listeners timely, it was also well researched and delivered in a professional and caring manner. She proved to be a valuable resource in helping our listening audience deal with divorce and domestic violence.

  • Jennifer and Steve Hodgson – Your Life Matters

    I would like to highly recommend Claudia Broome to be interviewed by your station or show. Having been in the industry for many years, I can tell you without a doubt that Claudia is an outstanding guest, eloquent speaker, intelligent person to interview and has a truly amazing story that will keep your listener’s or viewer’s attention.

  • Greta H.

    My sister has been in an emotionally abusive marriage, she has felt so alone and had no idea where to go to find anyone who could advise her. I found this site and bought the audio. This audio provided her the courage to prepare for divorce, the courage to begin the process to reaching her ultimate goal of freedom from abuse.  My sister was so happy she had this because it helped her to understand the divorce process and gave her confidence. She now believed she could actually be able to leave her marriage and have a future after all. If you are facing divorce or know someone who is I can not say enough about what this audio has done for my sister and, therefore, can do for you too. Delighted I found it.

  • Beth A.

    Claudia gives some invaluable advice in her audio. I wish I had known some of it before I went to court. But I was so naive and never expected my husband to be as evil and deceiving. I can only strongly warn you to no underestimate your spouse.   And PLEASE, try to hide everything! My husband used my diary in court and I had to read out loud my most private thoughts. I don’t want any woman to go through what I had to endure in my temporary hearing. I’ve learned so much from Claudia’s audio and coaching sessions and I am 100% certain that for the next court date I am fully prepared.

  • Angie S.

    I wish I had known you when I was going thru my divorce! Had I listened to the advice you have on this audio, I’m sure my process would have been much easier. I had assets to protect and was drowning in the complicated Do-It-YourSelf system. Having your audio would have pointed me in the right direction and saved me a lot of time and anxiety.

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