My coaching is designed to help alleviate stress while empowering you to make educated decisions.  It is designed to be a support system that offers perspective.  My coaching consists of one-on-one sessions designed to address your specific needs.  Each of our coaching sessions deals with the challenges you are facing.

I offer several different packages and each is designed to meet your specific needs.  I recommend starting with the Basic Consultation. If you decide you need further coaching, the one-hour fee can be   applied to whichever coaching package you select. At any time you may upgrade to another package level and a complete credit of monies already paid will be applied to the new package.

Basic Consultation

The Basic Consultation is a one-time one-hour call where we will discuss the specifics of your divorce.  During that call, I will offer suggestions and information. Often, a one-hour consultation is enough to get you focused and headed in the right direction. $125

Three-Call Package

The Three-Call package consists of three one-hour calls as well as email communication.  This is designed for you to submit information prior to the calls via email so they may be discussed and an action-plan developed during the call.  Additional emails can be sent after each call if you need more support or questions answered.  Generally, the three calls will take place within a 2-week period but the time-frame can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.  $345 (a $30 savings)

Five-Call Package

The Five-Call package consists of the package above as well as additional email support, as needed.  The five calls will generally take place within a three week period but the time-frame can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.  $550 (a $75 savings)

Ten-Call Package

The Ten-Call package is designed to save you more money if you need additional guidance and support for a more complicated divorce situation.  Over a two-month (adjustable) period, we will work through each aspect of your divorce and work toward the best solutions possible.  Besides the 10 coaching calls and follow-up emails, I will be available for additional email support during the coaching period and up to 5 additional emails after the final coaching session.  $1,000 (a $250 savings)



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