This $39.99 AUDIO contains over an hour of insights that I compiled to help all of you who are in the throes of diverse divorce circumstances. The good news is that the audio will guide you through situations that now you don’t even know exist.

I remember how my inaction and inappropriate reactions to events shattered my finances. I don’t want that to happen to you.

You put all you had into your marriage and now you need to put all you have into understanding the divorce process. In order to manage the progression of events, you need a “leg up.”

This audio can be that “leg up” because it offers facts and expert advice that will help you to navigate through the turbulence that comes with divorce.

You need to take charge of your divorce if you want a positive outcome. You need to be active and proactive and this audio will help you to be both!

This is what you will learn while listening to the audio:

  • What can happen and does happen in the divorce process
  • Questions you must answer to proceed effectively
  • The value of diligence
  • Explanation of fault and no fault divorce
  • Requirements for filing for divorce
  • Whether or not you need a divorce attorney
  • How to select the right attorney for your needs
  • Advice on changing attorneys
  • What to expect with divorce court
  • Perspective on the date of separation or DOS
  • Explanation of the retainer
  • What to expect during discovery and interrogatories
  • When and if mediation and arbitration are appropriate
  • Annulment vs. Divorce
  • The pitfalls and advantages of collaboration
  • The dangers of using Social Media
  • Forensic Accountants

You can be listening to this helpful audio in just a few minutes by downloading the program onto your iPod, computer, or other audio device.

I offer you total piece of mind because ordering this audio is secure and easy. Your debit card or credit card payment will be processed through PayPal which is the biggest payment provider on the internet.

Whatever your situation is, this audio offers the information, insight, perspective, and advice that will help you navigate through the divorce process successfully.

I am confident that it will be the best $39.99 you spend during your divorce process. Just press the PayPal Buy Now button to begin to gain YOUR divorce advantage!

Support For Friends

The $39.99 Audio Program also makes a great support gift for a friend or loved one who is going through the divorce process.


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